21st Century Internet Access for Southeastern Kentucky

We are making REAL broadband internet accessible and affordable to the tri-county area from Corbin, KY

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Installation fee: $75 for standard install (non-standard installs will be quoted on a case-by-case basis)

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different from my current internet service?

Fixed wireless broadband may not be a household term just yet, but it’s definitely a term worth learning. Simply put, fixed wireless provides broadband internet access to a single location through radio waves, eliminating the need for phone or cable lines.

Why haven’t more people heard of fixed wireless? Probably because it’s frequently confused with satellite internet service. There are some similarities between the two. Both satellite and fixed wireless require a dish or antenna. Both provide high-speed internet connection without using phone or cable lines. But that’s where the similarity ends.

ZetaLink does not enforce any data caps. Therefore, you can download or upload large files (software, updates, large email attachments, etc.), run a VoIP phone system, stream music in your home or office, or use internet-based applications and databases as much as you need to in order to keep your business running at its best.

In internet service, just like anything else, everyone wants the most for their money. In almost all case, fixed wireless broadband costs less than a comparable satellite/cable/DSL connection, both in monthly charges and installation fees, and without the long-term contracts used by those companies.

Satellite may be more well-known, but fixed wireless broadband is more reliable, with low latency, no data caps, and lower cost. It’s a big step up, and a great choice for your home or business.

What is meant by "wireless broadband"?

We refer to our service as wireless broadband because, unlike DSL or cable, there are no actual wires or cables connecting out to the service. We transmit service wirelessly from local towers. We install an antenna on your home, generally on the roof or other high point, directed at one of our towers.  Then a wire is run to a small wireless router plugged into a nearby outlet.

Will I need a permit or HOA approval to place the antenna on my building or home?

You may still want to contact your homeowners association or landlord for any guidelines they may have on placement of the antenna.  For more information, you can get a fact sheet from the FCC or contact us with any questions.

Section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits restrictions on the use of “Over-the-Air Reception Devices” from government (cities or counties) or non-governmental (landlords or homeowner associations) entities.  The ruling pertains to antennas less than 1 meter in diameter and less than 12 feet above the roof line.

How much radio frequency is emitted from your equipment?

Less than that of a baby monitor. Our equipment transmits at a level ten times less than what leaks out of a microwave during use – and our equipment is placed outside of your home or office.

Can conditions like tree cover and distance from the tower affect my ability to get service?

In most cases, you need a direct line of sight to get service. Occasionally, we are able to use a different type of antenna to enable customers to get service, but heavy tree cover as well as distance from the tower will degrade the signal.

Our customer service team will evaluate your line of sight and schedule an appointment if they feel you are within the line of sight area. If a technician comes to your location and is not able to establish a direct line of sight, you will not be charged.

How does wireless broadband compare to dialup?

Dialup operates at 56Kbps. Our service operates at 25Mbps or more, a performance increase of more than 1000 times what dialup offers. Our service is “always on” so you don’t need to reestablish your connection every time you want to use it. A wireless connection doesn’t tie up your phone line – in fact, you don’t even need a phone line to use our service.

What are the system requirements for my PC?

Any PC that is Windows 98 or newer or MacOS 8.5 or greater will work.

Can more than one computer share the connection?

Yes. By using the ZetaLink-provided router, you can share the connection between multiple computers or devices at no additional monthly fee. Per the Acceptable Use Policy, all devices must be located on the premises.

How long does it take to get service?

If your location is within range of one of our towers and has line of sight to that tower, we can usually install within a week.

Is a wireless connection secure?

There is little difference between the security of a wireless internet connection and any other type of internet connection. The fact is, any information sent unencrypted across the internet can be read by someone else. For this reason, confidential information such as credit card numbers should only be entered on secure websites.

Does the service include antivirus software?

The service does not include antivirus software. We recommend installing Avast antivirus, which is available for free, to protect your computer.

When are your technical support and customer service available?

Our networks are monitored 24/7 and, should there be a network issue, we will send a notice to your account email address to let you know.

Our customer service center hours are 9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

Do weather conditions affect the connection?

Generally, changes in weather have very little effect on our wireless broadband internet service. However, if you lose power due to a weather-related incident, you will not be able to access the internet until power is restored.

Can I keep my existing email?

Yes! ZetaLink doesn’t offer email hosting – you are welcome to keep your existing Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other third party email account.

About Us

ZetaLink is a Kentucky partnership formed to bring superior broadband internet access to the residents of Southeastern Kentucky. Our partners bring over 50 years of combined engineering experience designing and building high-speed/high-capacity networks worldwide to the business.

We are building out the Corbin market already with plans to expand to areas of Whitley, Knox, and Laurel counties where true high-speed internet has not been available before. Our system takes advantage of the latest technology to make true broadband access available and affordable to our customers.

  • Absolutely love our internet...extremely fast!!! Great customer service...better than Time Warner/Spectrum. Sounded too good to be true but now I'm a believer!!!!!
    Tonya Thomas
  • Love our Internet service with ZetaLink. Excellent customer service! Best decision we have made! No contract + no data cap = perfect for a family of 5!! Check them out if you haven't already.
    Jennifer Hatfield
  • Friendly customer service. I love the connectivity of fast download. If you love streaming video and gaming you need to consider this company. I'm very pleased with the service.
    Donna Green
  • Love love the new REAL internet! So glad to have great fast reliable internet without data caps. Big thanks to Dan for bringing us something we have been deprived off for many years. Also, great to know if I need something I will get someone who speaks English!
    Keith Partin
  • I've now had ZetaLink at my office for the past 6 weeks. Light years better than the AT&T uVerse service it replaced - I'm officially AT&T-free.
    Bob Terrell
  • Got the privilege of speaking to this company today! Very good service and people skills.
    Dana Banks
  • Loving the high speed internet! I now feel connected to the world. Thank you ZetaLink! This customer is very happy.
    Dorothy G.